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Many Indian astrologer use Ashtkoot chakra or Avakhada chakra for Kundli Milan to check matching between bride and bridegroom. So here, online Kundali Milan calculator will do this for you. Additionally, this awesome fortune teller tells about Ashtakoot Dosh and Dosha Parihar. Same software for matchmaking in Hindi available also. Mostly, Indian families ask the astrologer for horoscope matching for marriage to know their Gun and best horoscope match, so that couple will not survive with any misfortune and they can spend life with love and happiness. Janam Kundli Milan is the proven astrological method to check a match for marriage or for love match. This is performed in two way, one is Kundli matching by name and another is horoscope match by date of birth. If you know your birth names, then you can test Kundli Milan by name only without the birth date, the marriage compatibility result will same as you get with b’ day. According to astrology, you can check marriage compatibility or love matching through both names as both have the effects on native’s life.


Spouse Name Astrology Predictions – Search Name of life partner Online Spouse Name Lookup Calculator Spouse name prediction astrology and forecast of partner – Searching the future life partner name through astrology sound weird, but it is possible through deep astrological analysis. We make it easier with spouse name search calculator which search your future wife or husband name initials, and you can call it the “First letter of spouse name astrology”.

With this, you can know brief predictions about the life partner.

There are a lot of guys out there with commitment issues. And if you’re dating one of them, it’s no good for you. Your relationship is going nowhere fast.

Planetary Transits Effects Free Planets transit from one zodiac to other at more or less regular intervals. While the sun transits from one zodiac to the next every month, the moon transits every two and a quarter days. Planets like Mars, Venus and Mercury transit the zodiac many times a year, whereas slower planets Jupiter and Saturn take longer.

This transit will affect each person differently according to the zodiac which represents your moon sign. For example, if your janmanakshtra or birth star is Aswini, your rasi or zodiac will be Aries Mesha. The effects of the transit of slower planets like Jupiter and Saturn are felt for a longer period and hence, are given more importance in Vedic Astrology. This is a general prediction based on where the Moon is placed in your horoscope.

The position of other planets in your horoscope will have an effect on the final outcome. Sample Report Continue Disclaimer: The opinion on any particular point might differ from another predictive advice on the same data. The predictive advice you receive should not be used as a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional, such as a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, or financial advisor.

The readings are derived from some of the best experts in Astrology.

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Leo Women Jeniffer Lawrence The Leo women need these three in plenty — attention, respect and admiration. They may get arrogant and proud at times, but then they are their basic personality traits so you will have to learn to deal with it. What are the other characteristics that the Leo women possess? Read on to find out. Ruled by Sun, the Leo women are gracious, generous, bright and devoted, and draw people towards them with their warmth and inner charm. But at the same time, they will not tolerate any sort of misbehaviour.

After all, they belong to the royal Sign of the entire Zodiac calendar, Leo. Do you need help in handling your relationship? You may Ask a Relationship Question for Detailed Advice right away, and get Natal Chart based fully personalised answers from an astrological perspective. If rubbed the wrong way, the Leo women can be hot tempered and dramatic.

During such times, let them calm down in their own ways, apologize and convey that you care.

What is your Nakshatra (star) ?

Take heed of these tips from top relationship experts. If you dare to give your power away and make that person more important, you are out of balance in your energy field. You walk a fragile line with yourself, and if anything should happen, or they leave you, or the relationship changes course, then you are a fallen soul with no means to get up.

One must love in a healthy way by always making themselves number one in self-care. Once you stop taking your spouse’s inventory you may feel less resentment and you may feel better about the relationship since the pressure is off you and now is back on the individual’s lap. Having made that commitment, they then realize, more fully, who the other person is and they’re not happy.

Can Your Compatibility Be Predicted By Names? In life we often get attracted towards many people and start a relationship with them but after few days we find that we are not compatible with each other.

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Zodiac Sign – Love Compatibility

Sun In Different Houses Favorable placement of Sun ensures success in life particularly in the field of job or profession. Sun is also supposed to bestow great political power and fame. Followings are the results of Sun in different houses of the chart Sun, Jupiter and Mars are supposed to be friendly with Moon. Followings are the results of Moon in different houses of the chart.

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Astrology Consultancy The Chinese Zodiac Sign of The Ox According to the Chinese calendar people who belong to the Ox sign of the zodiac are born in the years , , , , , , The second position of the Zodiac chart is occupied by the Ox. They are the most dependable and observant zodiac. The persistent and very hard working people who don’t give up easily are the ones who belong to the Ox zodiac sign. Most Ox are not very social and try to avoid company. They don’t like others to interfere with their lives and don’t disturb others themselves.

The motto of their life is “Live and let Live”. They have a very rigid way of thinking and people who disagree with them are in for serious trouble.

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It assists in further enhancing the compatibility with your co-worker and also your communication skills. If you are running a business then you always want it to flourish and to get a new high. Vedic Astrology tells you about the right time you have to start a venture so that your business will get an ultimate success. Our accurate suggestions and predictions will help your business grow constantly. Astrology has a vital role in keeping your marriage problems at bay.

Many people are mistaking thinking that the marriage agency uadreams is a representative of physical market. It is an online dating service. It is a little bit similar to popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and many others.

For instance, ‘I’m jealous that you are so good at that! This can actually show confidence because you are not trying to appear like you’re awesome. What does a fish say when it runs into a concrete wall? Take it from a competitive punner. You can drop in and ask someone ‘What are the only 3 countries that start with J? I wouldn’t believe it either until I saw a map] or ‘What starts with “e” and ends with “e” andcontains only 1 letter?

Then circle back with them later to see if they have an answer. They’ll be thinking about it—and you—all evening. Say something like, ‘Isn’t this what’s it’s all about? Any question that is open-ended will work because everyone has a different answer and there is no right or wrong answer.

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